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Choose Safety This National School Choice Week


It’s National School Choice Week 2019! This is the time of year where families participate in thousands of information sessions, open houses, school fairs, and celebrations all over the country to help inform them about the different K-12 schooling options available. And there is really so much to consider; location, the qualifications of the teaching staff, the quality of school lunches, etc. With the increase in school shootings and other violent events, the quality of a school’s crisis management and response is definitely at the forefront of most parents minds. After all, how can a child focus on learning if their basic need for safety isn’t met?



Expo Seguridad

May 7 - 9 | Mexico City, Mexico


Western Technical College

May 10, 2019 | 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m


Alertus Webinar Series

Understanding Alyssa’s Law and The Best Panic Button Options for Compliance

Wednesday, April 17 | 12:00 PM EDT 

Alyssa’s Law, formerly bill A-764, is changing how New Jersey public schools are managing campus security and emergency preparedness. The new law states that schools will have to have a panic button for use in the event of a non-fire evacuation, lockdown, or active shooter threat that will remain silent while alerting local law enforcement.

With so many panic button options available, it’s hard to know what will truly fit your school’s needs. Join this upcoming webinar to cut through the noise as we discuss Alyssa’s Law and the best panic button options for affordable, instant notification.

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Robert Williams, Emergency and Business Recovery Manager for California State University San Marcos, discusses how they use the Alertus System and how it has helped them with their emergency notification.

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