Mass Notification for the
Deaf and Hard of Hearing


Comprehensive emergency mass notification means ensuring that you can reach everyone regardless of where they are in your facility or their abilities. Providing emergency notification for the deaf and hard of hearing is simple with Alertus. The Alertus System offers numerous affordable audible-visual notification solutions that can serve both hearing and hard of hearing individuals.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Emergency Notification

Reach Everyone Everywhere

Alertus specializes in affordability and effectiveness. The Alertus Solutions lets leverages your existing digital signage, televisions, desktops, and phones, as well as fill in the gaps with innovative alerting appliances. By leveraging these devices, organizations can ensure they can reach their entire facility with ADA compliant notification at the push of a button.

  • The Alert Beacon® is a wall-mounted audible visual notification appliance that flashes and sounds to signal attention, and displays lifesaving notification on the integrated LCD message display.

  • The Alertus Recipient App allows end user to receive push notifications on-the-go from the Alertus Server to their Android or iOS tablets or smartphones. It also offers a panic button feature to give the user the ability to send geo-tagged incident reports directly to emergency management personnel.

  • Alertus Desktop Notification and Digital Signage Override enables authorized dispatchers to reach all or select personnel using a full-screen, ticker, or pop-up message on desktops and more.

  • The Alertus Fire Alarm Control Panel Interface takes fire alarm event information from the fire panel, applies smart logic/transformation technologies, and broadcasts messages over multiple communication paths, including visual alerting

  • Aleruts VoIP Phone Notification for Cisco and Avaya phone systems display text alerts on compatible phone models for visual notification

Having the flashing lights and the ability to customize the patterns of the lights flashing for different types of emergencies was very important for us. The Alert Beacon with its bright yellow case stands out even when its not activated. The ability to put a text message on the display that people can read is great too. Alertus’ ability to quickly send alerts that are highly visible is critical for us.
— Fabienne Collson, Manager of Communication Services, Gallaudet University
Deaf and hard of hearing emergency alert solutions


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