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The Alertus Desktop Donation

Apply for the Alertus Desktop Notification System Donation 

Many institutions recognize the need to expand current emergency communications systems but have little or no budget. Alertus is here to help. The Alertus Desktop Donation Initiative is a philanthropic effort launched by the founders of Alertus Technologies that provides educational institutions with limited budgets the Alertus Desktop Notification system at no cost. 

To date, the initiative has benefitted more than 700 institutions both nationally and internationally including Burke County Public Schools, the College of William and Mary, Louisiana State University, and Vanderbilt University. The donation provides an enterprise-wide perpetual license of Alertus Desktop Notification.

Alertus Desktop Notification grabs the attention of your computer users immediately with a full screen pop-up alert on all or select PCs and Macs across your facilities. Alertus Desktop Notification can be activated through the Alertus Activation Software or your existing third-party personal recipient notification software.

Alertus Desktop Notification Donation Recipients include:

Who Can Qualify

Universities, colleges, K–12 districts, and certain nonprofit entities qualify. Corporations, healthcare institutions, and for-profit entities do not qualify in most cases. The intent of our grant initiative is to help organizations with severe budget challenges. If you are not sure whether you are a candidate for the initiative, we encourage you to submit the form below.

What You Get

Eligible institutions receive a perpetual enterprise license of Alertus Desktop Notification comprised of the core Alertus Server Software, Alertus Activation Console, and unlimited utilization of desktop notification client software (compatible with both PCs and Macs).

Please note that this donation does not include enhanced product features that require additional support.

Your desktop notification license allows you to deploy the software on all desktops and laptops within your facilities, managed or personally owned. The license never expires, and updates are released at no cost semi-annually.

How To Apply

  • Step 1: Fill out the application form. An Alertus representative will contact you to confirm your registration.

  • Step 2: Sign and return the Alertus Desktop License Agreement (provided by the representative) via email or fax.

  • Step 3: Our team will contact you with credentials to access the Alertus Customer Portal where the software is available for you to download. The Alertus Customer Portal is also the source for all technical documentation and periodic software updates.


Alertus Desktop Notification
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Testimonial: North Carolina State University

We saw Alertus as a means to reach people in classrooms, offices and computer labs that typically have poor reception or may be identified as shelter areas. The integration with our existing systems along with the grant made it an obvious choice for our campus.
— Todd Becker, Emergency Manager, North Carolina State University