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News and media outlets have seen a rise in on-premise attacks by both disgruntled employees and viewers. While it is hard to always control internal or external threats, there are actions organizations can take to better address and respond to these threats, and it starts with emergency mass notification.

When an incident occurs, notifying staff and any visitors on site of what to do and where to go is a critical step of your emergency response protocol. A reliable emergency mass notification system can help you achieve this by quickly getting important information out to as many alerting endpoints as possible.

The good news is that news and media outlets are replete with devices and technology that the Alertus System can leverage to build an emergency mass notification system that is as affordable as it is robust.

News room and Media Center Mass Notification

Reach Everyone, Everywhere

The Alertus Solutions let organizations leverage their existing public address systems, digital signage, televisions, desktops, and phones, as well as fill in the gaps with innovative alerting appliances. With the Alertus System, news and media facilities can ensure they reach their entire facility with emergency notification at record speeds with just the push of a button.

  • Alertus Desktop Notification and Digital Signage Override enables authorized dispatchers to reach all or select personnel using a full-screen, ticker, or pop-up message on desktops and more.

  • The Alertus Recipient App allows end user to receive push notifications on-the-go from the Alertus Server to their Android or iOS tablets or smartphones. It also offers a panic button feature to give the user the ability to send geo-tagged incident reports directly to emergency management personnel.

  • The Alertus VoIP Phone Notification transforms IP phones into a unified and secured emergency communication system.

  • Alertus' innovative Text-to-Speech technology can be tied to the existing voice public address systems to enable emergency personnel to share critical alert information.

  • Alertus offers numerous system-ready alerting appliances for reliable in-building notification for those areas that lack the necessary infrastructure. It can also easily be scaled to a facilities’ specific needs. Learn more about the Alertus Unified Emergency Mass Notification System.

“We went with the Alertus Emergency Mass Notification System because it had all the pieces we needed. The products were a great match for our company, and fits our needs perfectly.”
— -Shannon Berube, Business Applications Specialist at Kissimmee Utility Authority
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