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Two-Way Radio Integration


Two-way radios provide instantaneous, mobile text-to-speech communication to users. With the Alertus Mass Notification System, your organization can leverage this instant communication modality to facilitate emergency notifications. The Alertus Two-Way Radio Integration allows you to streamline emergency notification and eliminate any extra steps, by including two-way radios as an endpoint within the Alertus System. Two-Way Radio Integration allows you to receive true single-point activation of all your notification assets while reducing costs by leveraging your existing technologies.

The Alertus System overrides the designated channel and uses text-to-speech technology to provide clear, spoken voice emergency alerts to the appropriate personnel. Two-way radio integration also supports the playback of alert tones, immediately preceding the rendered speech alert to capture the recipient’s attention.



Two-Way Radio Integration Key Features

two way radio lines.png
  • Supported Brands: Motorola, Kenwood, Harris, and more

  • Requires an Alert Beacon® with network connectivity to the Alertus Server to be installed in close proximity to the base station integration point


Product Resources


Learn how you can instantly send emergency notifications to your two-way radios.

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Two-way radios are an amazing communication tool, especially in an emergency. They function independently of cell towers and landlines, they tend to be lightweight and durable, cost effective, and most importantly, easily integrated into your Alertus emergency mass notification solution for comprehensive emergency notification coverage.

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The Alert Beacon then passes the message text to the TTS module, and the spoken message plays automatically through the connected audio speakers.

Users can quickly launch an alert for a general emergency—such as an accident or medical emergency—by simply pressing the panic button.


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