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Self-Amplified Speaker


Extend Alert Beacon functionality with highly intelligible voice output of custom message text through advanced speakers for indoor notification.

In an emergency situation, you need clear, calm, consistent communications. Prerecorded messages can’t provide specific details and instructions, and live voice requires extraordinary poise to speak calmly and clearly into a microphone during an emergency.

Alertus’ text-to-speech technology overcomes these challenges by leveraging the latest in voice synthesis technology.


Text-to-Speech Speaker Key Features

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  • Time-saving: Spoken voice is derived from the original message text, reducing overall response time and streamlining notification process

  • Empowering: Ability to convey specific details and instructions for the precise situation

  • Breakthrough Intelligibility: Industry-leading embedded text-to-speech device, in terms of clarity and natural sounding intonation

  • Customization: Available factory optimization of unique names and pronunciations to suit your organization

  • Future-Proof: Compatible with emerging standards such as CAP

  • Scalable: Designed for a variety of areas such as lobbies and egress locations

  • Application: Indoor

We’ve been very pleased with the Alertus TTS. It gives us the ability to easily customize our message while providing a spoken voice that is clearly understood.
— Mark Mabe, Director of IT, Missouri Western State University


Product Resources


Learn how you can extend the functionality your Alert Beacon to deliver high intelligibility voice output of your custom message text.

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The Alertus Text-to-Speech Interface delivers clear, spoken voice output of emergency alerts.

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Alertus' text-to-speech (TTS) module is a smart peripheral that connects to the Alert Beacon® via an RS-232 serial port. When issuing an alert notification, dispatchers may choose to use spoken output in addition to the standard activation options such as strobes and sirens.

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