Alertus Technologies Webinar Series

Our series of educational webinars highlights the latest in unified facility notification products, best practices, and emergency preparedness.

Effectively Reach Your Users Through Alertus Desktop Notification

Does your organization need a truly effective mass emergency notification system to reach all of your users through multiple channels?

Alertus Desktop Notification is a flexible and versatile component to the Alertus Mass Notification System. Pop-up screens, partial screens, full screens, or ticker alerts instantly attract the attention of computer users across your facilities. 

During this live webinar, you will:

  • Receive an overview of the Alertus Emergency Mass Notification System

  • Discover key features of Alertus Desktop Notification

  • Find out how to enhance your Alertus Desktop Notification solution

  • Learn how you may be eligible to receive Alertus Desktop Notification for free

Watch this webinar and discover how Alertus Desktop Notification can effectively impact your organization’s mass notification system. 




Ryan Kelly

Ryan Kelly, Regional Account Manager

Saif Ibrahim

Saif Ibrahim, Sales Engineer