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Air Force Mass Notification Solutions

The Air Force faces significant obstacles when it comes to communicating in an emergency. From large geographical areas to multiple operations centers, being able to reach everyone, everywhere in an emergency is quite the challenge. Alertus can help the Air Force simplify sending emergency notification by offering customizable and scalable solutions for a secure, reliable emergency mass notification system. Alertus offers in-building, outdoor, and personal notification solutions to reach personnel no matter where they are.

Air Force Emergency Notification

An Integrated Communication System

Whether facilities have existing technology to leverage such as, public address systems, digital signage, televisions, desktops, and phones, or need to fill in notification gaps with innovative alerting endpoints, Alertus provides solutions to build comprehensive notifications systems anywhere. Reach every corner of the facility in seconds, no matter what the emergency.

  • Alertus offers breakthrough text-to-speech technology embedded in a high power speaker array (HPSA). Alertus can override your existing outdoor HPSA or design a news system to cover your base or outdoor areas with siren tones and clear voice messages.

  • The Alertus Alert Beacon® is an audible-visual device designed to serve campuses, military bases, and other large facilities that presently lack in-building emergency notification. Alert Beacons can rapidly speed up the dissemination of critical information and ensure message accuracy.

  • Alertus Desktop Notification and Digital Signage Override enables authorized dispatchers to reach all or select personnel using a full-screen, ticker, or pop-up message on desktops and more.

  • Alertus offers numerous system-ready alerting appliances for reliable in-building notification for those areas that lack the necessary infrastructure. It can also easily be scaled to a facilities’ specific needs. Learn more about the Alertus Unified Emergency Mass Notification System.

We will use the new system to notify our employees of severe weather warnings, hazardous materials releases, industrial accidents, active shooter situations, and other emergencies that affect the installation as a whole
— -Ken Griechen, Emergency Manager, Lake City Army Ammunition Plant
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