Four Ways to Use Your Alertus Desktop Notification Software

One of Alertus’ most frequently requested and utilized emergency notification tools is our software that can override computer screens with a message in the event of an emergency, known as the Alertus Desktop Notification. Most of our customers are familiar with this solution, but many end users might not be aware of the full breadth of features available.

Here are the top four of the numerous ways that you can use your Alertus Desktop Notification to improve your mass notification delivery.


1. Full-Screen Takeover:

  • Life-Threatening Emergencies

  • Laptops

Full-Screen Takeover is the most commonly used form of desktop alerting. The Alertus message takes over the entire display of the computer screen so that it is visible, easy-to-read, and captures the attention of the intended recipient immediately. This method of alerting has customization options, such as the duration of the alert, the ability to add a logo, and the option to choose if the alert will be dismissed upon acknowledgment by the recipient. We recommend this method for critical emergencies.

Full-Screen Takeover is available as part of the Alertus Desktop Donation Initiative. Learn more here


2. Ticker Mode:

  • Impending Weather Situations

  • School/Company Closings

  • Power Outages

The Ticker Mode is beneficial for non-emergency situations that demand mass notification. This mode is frequently used by our healthcare customers, who require highly visible notification that will not obstruct the entire computer screen displaying important patient information. The ticker mode has even more customization ability than the full-screen takeover; you can customize the size and the location of the ticker, as well as embed a small photo, such as a logo. Like the full-screen takeover, this mode also allows you to set the duration of the ticker and whether it can be dismissed upon acknowledgement.


3. Audible Alerts:

  • Unified audible and visual notification from same endpoint

  • Areas with no audible notification assets

  • Multiple languages

One of the advanced options included with Alertus Desktop Notification is the ability to play audible alerts over a computer’s speakers. Alertus can play alerts via a wav or mp3 file, or our text-to-speech technology that leverages the computer’s operating system. By utilizing our audible alerts during a desktop notification, you can ensure layered communication by providing both audible and visual notification for the same targeted recipient.


4. Pop-Up Mode or Quarter Screen Mode:

  • Display an evacuation map

  • Show instructional videos

  • Send footage of a suspicious person

Pop-up mode is the most customizable way of using the Alertus Desktop Notification. It gives users multiple options to display additional information in outgoing messages. The pop-up, or quarter-screen mode gives you the ability to embed either a photo or video into your alerts. This feature can be used for displaying personalized templates to fit your emergency scenario, videos that offer useful emergency instructions, sign language videos for hard-of hearing students, or other relevant information.


Sharice Ruan