Summer 2017 Software Release now Available for Download

Alertus software updates and new emergency notification hardware are now available as part of the Alertus Summer 2017 Software Release. Highlighting the release are new innovative Alertus Desktop™ Notification features that will help organizations save valuable seconds during an emergency situation.

Alertus customers can access and view all update features by logging into their customer portal at


Alertus Desktop Notification

Alertus Desktop Notification

The update adds support for the Alertus Desktop Notification to allow users to receive alerts through a locked computer screen. When activated, the system immediately overrides a locked computer screen, negating the need for users to unlock the computer first. Additionally, new support for Wake-on-LAN capability will automatically awaken sleeping Windows desktops upon receipt of an alert. If recipients are away from their computers when an alert goes out, they will immediately see a full-screen alert upon return instead of seeing the message after waking their machine.


Also available is a new USB panic button with the capability to activate and send an alert via Alertus Desktop Activator and Alertus Desktop Notification on Windows desktops even if the connected computer is locked. Easily mountable in any workspace, the device is equipped with a recessed button to help avoid accidental activation and utilizes red and blue LED lights to indicate when it’s ready for use.

During an emergency, organizations need to get potentially life-saving information out as quickly as possible. These new desktop alerting features will allow organizations to further streamline their emergency mass notification efforts.
— Gary El-Gamil, Director of Software Engineering for Alertus Technologies.
Alertus USB Panic Button

Alertus USB Panic Button

The new look of the Alertus Console

The new look of the Alertus Console

Other new features and enhancements from the Alertus Summer 2017 Software Release include:

  • New, modern look to the Alertus Console

  • Active directory machine group targeting

  • Enhanced grouping capability for the Alertus Recipient App

  • Alertus ThreatWatcher integration for NOAA’s upcoming migration to CAP 1.2

  • Easier configuration of device assignment roles for large enterprises

  • Ability to send preset alerts from the Alertus Desktop Activator

  • Additional support for foreign languages and special characters on the Alertus Desktop Activator

  • Avaya VoIP integrations for Aura and IP Office

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Caroline Kilday