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emergency alert notifications for summer camps

From taking in the fresh air to learning new skills, camp is a wonderful time for children to enjoy nature in a unique way. Year after year, children of all ages head to camp and the safety of every child is placed in the hands of camp staff. Most camps are experts are at handling the bumps and bruises that come with outdoor activities, but very few are readily equipped to communicate and respond to major emergencies or other incidents requiring mass communication.

Alertus is here to help. The Alertus Unified Mass Emergency Notification System is designed to help camps instantly notify the entire grounds, or select individuals, of severe weather, fires, active shooter, or other critical events. The Alertus System is specially designed to help camps leverage their existing resources and fill in communication gaps to ensure that no camper or staff goes without potentially life-saving notification.

Reach Everyone, Everywhere with advanced Technology

Unified mass notification gives camps the power to maximize their conventional notification investments, such as two-way radios, PA systems, mobile phones, digital signage, etc., while enhancing their overall communication abilities through unification. Camps can instantly send alerts and information to thousands of devices, within seconds. With just one push of a button, or single point-of-activation, camps can reach every inch of their campgrounds while unifying messaging and response procedures to ensure everyone’s safety.

The Alertus System helps camps develop a multilayered notification approach with intelligible voice communications, presets, visible signals, text, graphics, and other communication methods, to reach and alert more people, more often. Including these various notification types in your communication strategy also helps overcome common challenges such as, scattered campers and staff, lack of cell phone coverage, large open spaces without alerting endpoints, individuals with special needs, and more.


The Alertus Mass Notification Solutions at Your Facility

Emergency alert solutions for summer and over night camps

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