Mass Notification for Stadiums and Sporting Facilities


Thousands of people come from far and wide to pack into your stadium to witness amazing events, and its your job to keep them safe. A unified mass notification system can help you disseminate critical information to your entire stadium population to help reduce panic and aid in emergency response. Alertus can help you think beyond traditional fire alarm systems and leverage other alerting assets that already exist, such as digital signage, televisions, VoIP phones, PA systems, scoreboards and more. The Alertus System integrates these traditionally disparate systems under one, easy-to-activate solution to simplify and expedite your notification process.

Stadium Mass Notification

Reliable Notification

By integrating with jumbotrons, digital signage, televisions, computer desktops, desk phones, and mobile apps, Alertus can provide immediate emergency communication to reach everyone across the facility.

Alertus solutions available to fit the unique needs of any venue include:

  • NFPA 72 compliant Fire Panel Interface connects your entire mass notification system and provides a comprehensive method for monitoring your fire panel system to both activate and distribute emergency alerts.

  • Alertus' innovative Text-to-Speech technology can be tied to the existing voice public address systems to enable emergency personnel to share critical alert information while reducing risk of error from live voice announcements.

  • Alertus Desktop Notification and Digital Signage Override enable authorized dispatchers to reach all or select personnel using a full-screen, ticker, or pop-up message on desktops, jumbotrons, and more.

  • Alertus Activator App makes it easy to quickly activate the Alertus system via Android or iOS tablets or smartphones, launching an alert to all integrated products from wherever emergency personnel may be.

  • Alertus' array of activation buttons makes it easy to deploy an emergency alert while significantly reducing response time.

We chose the Alertus Emergency Mass Notification System because it did what we wanted: put emergency messaging on all addressable screens, integrate with our fire panel and produce automatic messages. The notification system for our customers is all about automation. We can now automatically communicate anything from a missing child to an incoming severe weather warning to an active shooter
— Catherine Hughes, Director of Building Operations, Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre

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Case Study: Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre                                                                                                                                 White Paper: Selecting an Emergency Mass Notification System

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