Alert Beacons: Immediate, Intrusive Notification

Audible and Visual Emergency Mass Notification

Alert Beacons are a compact, high-impact audible-visual alerting device that can be easily mounted on a wall to deliver critical emergency communications to everyone in the vicinity.

Alert Beacons are ideal for retrofitting buildings without an existing notification system with an affordable option, where installing a PA system is impractical or cost-prohibitive. 

Expand Your Notification Reach

In itself, the Alert Beacon is a powerful alerting device, but its capabilities don’t end there. Alert Beacons can integrate with additional notification endpoints, such as LED signs, digital screens, IP speakers, and more, to extend notification coverage even further. 

Alert Beacons are often paired with the Alertus Text-to-Speech (TTS) Interface to provide clear, intelligible voice notification in addition to the standard text and tones. Customers have found that when using live public address systems, communication often becomes unintelligible. When amplified,  accents, voice inflections, fast or slow cadence, or improper enunciation pose a threat to the clarity of the spoken message. These factors can lead to a garbled message, creating more confusion and chaos in an emergency. Furthermore, using live voice means another channel to prepare and activate during an emergency.

Alert Beacons, paired with TTS, can integrate with existing speakers, PA systems, or with Alertus’ TTS Speakers to address these issues and allow users to activate all alerting endpoints from a single activation point. 

Alert Beacon Capabilities:

Alertus Alert Beacon Capabilities

Inclusivity and MNS Code Compliance

Because the Alert Beacon uses both sound and light to capture people’s attention, it is ADA compliant and considered an ideal solution to fulfill NFPA 72’s Layer 1 recommendation for immediate and intrusive alerting. In fact, the Alert Beacon is referenced in Chapter 24 of the NFPA 72 Handbook.

Case Study: Gallaudet University, the nation’s largest and oldest university for the deaf and hard of hearing, leverage Alert Beacons to keep its campus safe and informed.

Integrated Mass Notification System

To have a truly effective mass notification solution, you can’t rely on a single (or few) alerting endpoints. You need a multilayered, integrated mass notification solution using all notification modalities available to you. 

The Alert Beacon helps you accomplish this by integrating with a variety of alerting and security investments to help reduce costs while increasing notification reach. Alert Beacons leverage physical alerting endpoints such as IP Speakers, Fire Alarm Control Panels and LED signs, and when coupled with Alertus’ IP-based solutions, such as Alertus Desktop™ Notification and VoIP Phone Notification, you can create a fully integrated, facility-wide, multi-layered mass notification system—a system you can deploy in just seconds from one single activation point. 

When an emergency occurs, reaching everyone, everywhere, regardless of what they’re doing or their accessibility needs, is your number one goal. Alert Beacons help you reach that goal quickly, simply, and effectively. 

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