Reach your Employees In and Out of the Office with Emergency Mass Notification

Employees are the greatest asset any company must protect regardless of location, time zones, and shifts. The ability to protect your employees in an emergency wherever they may be, in a timely manner, is imperative for business continuity.

The evolution of MNS technology has improved the ways that an organization can communicate with their traveling or remote employees. When considering what MNS is right for your organization, ask yourself how many employees you have? Do any of them work remotely? And one significant question that often gets overlooked: Can I reach traveling employees in time?

Solutions from MSN for Traveling/Remote Employees:

Unified Multi-Channel MNS

Unified Multi-Channel MNS: During an emergency, dispatchers can send an instant, single-point of activation alerts to every available communication channel in your organization whether it be desktop, digital signage, PA systems, fire alarm panels, speakers, or VoIP phones. While this is great for employees who are in the office, the advances in MNS technology allow employees who are not in the office to receive push notifications with critical, life-saving alerts directly to their mobile devices or laptops.

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Alertus Console

Customizable Notification Templates: Preset templates save emergency personnel valuable time and make sending out alerts much easier. Having a flexible MNS is essential in this process. Seconds count in an emergency and having the ability to create a pre-built or customizable notification templates ahead of an emergency, mitigates the time it takes to send out an alert. An MNS has the ability to create pre-built templates that have specific messages, which audience you want to receive the message, and what alerting channel they will receive the message through. If you have a large section of your work population that works remotely or travels, you can create custom templates and explicit messaging that will send directly to them in the event of an emergency situation.

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Alertus Mobile App

Location-Based Notification: If an employee is near an emergency situation, they can use an MNS mobile app to pinpoint exactly where the location is. System dispatchers then have the ability to locate these incoming incident reports and activate their emergency MNS, which includes all recipients in the affected locations. If you have multiple traveling employees returning to your headquarters when an emergency strikes, you will have the ability to send out notifications to those employees with the exact location of the emergency so they know not to return to this area until it is deemed safe again.

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Desktop Notification Tornado

Event Monitoring: On occasion, dispatchers won’t have the time to constantly check for weather updates or events. This is where your MNS can do the work for you. For example, you can integrate feed integrations like ThreatWatcherTM (Retrieves and processes alert data from multiple external sources including NOAA weather alerts, general CAP and EDXL-DE alerts) to automatically warn your facility of severe weather based on customized geographic location alerts.

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