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Simplify Emergency Communications From School Districts to Classrooms 

In light of recent events, security and effective communications for private schools is more vital than ever before. Alertus Technologies helps simplify the complexities of emergency communications to immediately inform administrators, staff, students, and visitors of emergency situations. The Alertus System is built to easily overcome common challenges including buildings that are not staffed 24/7, large geographic areas, multiple school sites, and when cellular networks are at their limits.

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Campus-wide Notification

Alertus provides a comprehensive emergency notification solution that leverages your existing technologies to create an integrated system that fits your school's needs. We achieve this by integrating with public address and outdoor notification systems and capitalizing on computer desktops across your facilities, providing a number of solutions that allow individual buildings to communicate with off-campus offices, local police, and fire stations.

  • Private schools can mount Alert Beacons® in their front offices, which enables school administrators to respond to imminent threats during a crisis situation.

  • LED Marquees and Alert Beacons can be deployed in large, loud-noise areas such as cafeterias to quickly draw everyone’s attention.

  • Alertus Desktop Notification instantly flashes full-screen pop-up notifications on all or select computer screens throughout the school's campus.

  • Alertus Chromebook Notification, the first notification solution of its kind for Google Chromebooks, is built specifically for use by Chrome devices. This quarter-screen pop-up notification delivers critical information quickly to all subscribers, providing yet another effective layer of notification

  • Emergency panic buttons can be connected via USB to any computer or connected to an Alert Beacon. They can be mounted to a wall or under a desk, allowing school personnel to relay a distress signal to a district security or public safety office.

  • Alertus' innovative Text-to-Speech technology can be tied to a private institution's existing voice public address system, enabling private school administrators to share critical alert information district wide or to select schools.

The reason we chose Alertus is that it’s easy for our faculty to know what’s going on. We chose Alertus more for the ease of use of the system, which doesn’t take a brain surgeon to work.
— Omar Feliciano, Director of Student Services St. Benedict’s Preparatory School


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