Using MNS for Internal Communication

Your organization made the smart choice to invest in a Mass Notification System for emergency and critical communication. There’s no reason to stop there, however. Many mass notification systems can also be leveraged for internal communications, from network outages to general company announcements.


Centralizing your Internal Communications

Internal communications used to mean sending out mass emails to your organization, hoping that they would eventually be read. Important company news or updates would get lost in spam folders, or skimmed over and forgotten. MNS eliminates these communication hurdles by centralizing your internal communications into a single source that has the technology to send various alerts to multiple modalities such as phones, desktops, laptops, digital signage, public address systems, two-way radios, and even televisions. Leaving little room for anyone to miss an alert regardless of where they are in your organization.

Where your Mass Notification System can be Utilized for Non-Emergencies

Example of a ticker mode desktop notification

Example of a ticker mode desktop notification

Whether you are looking to increase the value of your investment or simply want to improve the ease of communication to your staff or customers, MNS has the flexibility to be used for non-emergency communications for greater internal value. Utilizing MNS for internal communication also helps to familiarize students and/or staff with the system in case of an actual emergency.

Here are some examples of non-emergency situations where your MNS system can be utilized:

  1. Company Updates/Reminders

  2. IT Alerts

  3. Inclement Weather (Ex. For canceling classes for colleges)

  4. Event Notifications

  5. Staffing Updates

Alertus Desktop Notification allows organizations to quickly notify all or select personnel in the event of an emergency, or for non-emergency communications using full-screen or partial-screen computer desktop pop-ups. The desktop notification solution also provides a less intrusive ticker alert that can deliver critical, yet non-emergency messages, such as an IT alert, to everyone in your organization.

Want to learn more about how to use your emergency mass notification system better? Read: “Maximizing Your System Capabilities with Alertus ENS.”


“Get More” out of your MNS System

Using your already existing MNS is not only cost-effective, but it saves you time by eliminating the need to learn or implement a new system. If you don’t currently have an MNS, it is important to find one that can integrate seamlessly with your existing technology.

Having an expansive MNS for your organization’s communications has multiple benefits such as single platform activation, fast deployment, customizable preset alerts with built-in confirmations, audible and visual notifications, and the ability to integrate with a variety of legacy mass notification technologies such as Everbridge, Blackboard, Rave, and more. This allows Alertus to unify disparate systems under one, powerful yet easy-to-use system with an intuitive user interface that offers both, pre-set and on-the-fly activations that can be deployed with a single click of a button.

Learn more about Alertus Mass Notification solutions

See the power and flexibility of the Alertus System in action! Watch our Alertus Mass Notification System Activation demo now, to see how the Alertus System can fit into your organization.

Rachel Choppin